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ty beanie baby - stripes the tiger

ty beanie baby - stripes the tiger


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About Product

stripes (black and tan) stripes (tan and black) - tiger - ty beanie babies stripes (tan and black) - tiger - ty beanie baby ty family:beanie babies style number:04065 variety:black and tan animal:tiger - wild cat exclusive to: special category: birthday:june 11, 1995 introduction date:june 3, 1996 retirement date:may 1, 1998 length:10 inches (including tail) st generation(s): 4, 5 tt generation(s):2, 3, 4, 5, 6 theme: poem stripes was never fierce nor strong so with tigers, he didn't get along jungle life was hard getting by so he came to his friends at ty ! additional information none sports promotions baseball - may 31, 1998, detroit tigers vs. chicago white sox - 10,000 given out. baseball - august 8, 1998, detroit tigers vs. seattle mariners - 10,000 given out. known oddities 1. stripes with a fuzzy fabric belly. 2. stripes with some stripes running lengthwise. 3. stripes with a blizzard tush tag. 4. stripes with a coral tush tag. 5. stripes with a freckles tush tag. 6. stripes with a gracie tush tag. 7. stripes with a prance tush tag. 8. stripes with a roary tush tag. 9. stripes with a scottie tush tag. 10. stripes with a sparky tush tag.SKU:ADIB003K7GZNG